Juan O’ Savin- Important Spike Protein Shedding Treatment Info (Video) - The 2nd

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski
30 Nov 2021

⁣Juan O’ Savin: Important Spike Protein Shedding Treatment Info

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FireDOVEll 2 months ago

Think Morgellons disease, fibers made in products from China that are in chemtrails. food, water, clothes & fabrics, health & beauty products plush toys, (there is a patent) for these products. & these fibers are alive & grab onto parasites of all types then once in you come together like a magnet and form a fuzz or hairball & is what I'd say are clogging veins & blood clots. China imports need to be stopped, give gift certificates, cash, coins, gas cards, lessons (cooking, music, homemade gifts, pet rocks, ) I am not giving anything that may be infected with fibers or from china. Be Safe God Bless us all

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