John Leckrone comes back on the Cancel The Cabal Show March 23, 2021

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
04 Apr 2021

John Leckrone comes on tonight's Cancel The Cabal Show. LIVE Radio tonight, Tuesday March 23, 2021 on People's Internet Radio. 9pm to 11pm Gmt. 5pm to 7pm Est. Hello, my name is John Leckrone. The Illuminati Training Academy is a place where people come to learn truths that have been deliberately hidden from all of us. On my blog you will find real history, facts and universal truths deliberately hidden from you by your corporate owners and masters. If you enjoy your slave status this website is not for you. On the other hand if you want to be a part of those of us who are enlightened to the truth and are standing up against the rise of global tyranny than you have found a new home.

I am not a communist, socialist, fascist, republican or democrat. I am a man with anarchist opinions. Anarchy simply means that I believe that we should live in a voluntarist society where no one is harmed and there are no masters and no slaves and peace and justice prevail. It does not mean chaos which is the world we are now living in where tyranny runs rampant.

Divide and conquer is the tool the criminal cabal uses against us to keep us enslaved in their system of violence and tyranny. Government agents, kangaroo courts and their private army of privateers, foreign banking criminals, the military industrial complex and corporate business enterprises rule over us with an iron fist. I shine the light of truth on this criminal syndicate and ask that you join me in my battle for the freedom of this planet. Only through education can we awaken the sleeping masses to the truth of their enslavement. Our journey will be a difficult one but must be travelled if we are to change the dystopian future we are living in now. Welcome my friends to the Illuminati Training Academy.

⁣My personal website is

You can also find me on YouTube as a guest here on Cancel The Cabal

This channel is not monetized and probably never will be due to it's controversial nature. If you would like to send me a gift for my time you may do so via PayPal here. Thank you in advance for your likes, shares and gifts.

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