Its On! Arrest Warrants For State Politicians Issued By Governor-General (Australia)

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
21 Apr 2021

⁣The dominoes of the Elites are beginning to fall and in a stunning move, arrest warrants have now been issued for the corrupt politicians in Australia, formalized by the Governor-General.

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jasoneharrison 22 hours ago

Is this really happening?

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AnnaAnna 8 days ago

They should all be arrested for crimes against humanity! Their time will come....God is in control!

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Bannep2 13 days ago

Please read and pass on:

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ErraticLeeMe 15 days ago

I know 2 people diagnosed covid positive in 14 months, both got over it in 4 days... I now know 8 people harmed by vaccinations in months, one with blood clots! You’re not hearing about ALL the people being Harmed by Vaccinations!??Fuk you politicians and Doctors Forcing this poison!!

Nuremberg code needs to be enforced, Now!!!!

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 8 days ago

Heres a couple hindered more people who died....

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