Its On! Arrest Warrants For State Politicians Issued By Governor-General (Australia)

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
21 Apr 2021

⁣The dominoes of the Elites are beginning to fall and in a stunning move, arrest warrants have now been issued for the corrupt politicians in Australia, formalized by the Governor-General.

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MustardSeeds 7 months ago

Its On! Arrest Warrants For State Politicians Issued By Governor-General (Australia).. roxytube/ usa next... let Brandon...go. I agree stop ranting and lay the charges.. some due for over a few years.. this dangling in our face.. gone, so bad.// see hetrodyining/cloning EEG\targeted people/ BRAIN SIGNATURES, GET STOLEN by the people.. sell.. but military defense are using it to globally target .. and individuals ..directed energy.. new g5 is a microwave they can create resonate sound to damage or destroy/ could heal but decades covert uses.. almost anything; that is what pelosi is gearing up California with g5 towers.. and that lobby to defund the police,, see sherry's stories part 1.. you will have answers but much more .. confirmed.. these are serious crimes.. not covert anymore when know that

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Punsauce 8 months ago

Do you even spend like 5 minutes actually verifying half the garbage you post? Don't answer, obviously rhetorical, obviously you don't. So I would guess this is more of an ego shit for you to catch them all. I mean post them all and somehow find valadity thinking your saving people when half the garbage you put up is propaganda and falling for disinfo/gatekeeper nonsense. It's about quality dillhole not quantity. But I suppose a legit actual truther would understand that, which there are barely any of those. Seriously, might want to think long and hard about what side your really on if you put up bullshit more often then anything based in fact and truth because it seems pretty obvious you would rather repost shit and cut a stupid intro into it trying to make it seem as if you should get the credit just taking others work lol. In short your a tool. Try doing actual research before posting garbage. Remember people are dumb and easily fooled into believing anything.

Ahhh who am I kidding obviously this won't get through to someone who makes themselves believe they are such a hero. I mean for real why people feel the need to put up videos that just muddy the waters and make legit ones look bad by association just confuses me, wait no it's the whole ego tripping thing that's right. Carry on mini baby still seeping truther you. Don't let me influence the great work your doing. Yup fully aware I'm a dick. And nope couldn't do better because I don't actually give a shit to try to. I see it for what it actually is. Would certainly take pride in what I did if I did so. Guess that is a thing lost, like many other qualities these newer generations lack severely.

Hah just seen I shit post on this already. Just shows how bad it is I had to really get the point across. Ba ba ba burn

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111offline111 10 months ago

They are waiting for someone righteous to enforce GOD's Laws 'for them.' It's time to forsake human systems of law and return to GOD's Laws. "By the mouth of two and three witnesses let all things be established (as being true.)" Then let judgment fall on the wicked according to THE LAW OF GOD!!! New Testament, The Apostle Paul, "The LAW is for the wicked." Old Testament, Moses and LAW, "...let their blood be upon them." GOD has called for this judgment, if evil governments refuse to obey....forsake them and raise up enforcers of LAW from among the people. Establish a righteous govt., under GOD [under HIS LAWS!!! "One nation UNDER GOD...." Sound familiar?]

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I saw this awhile back ---- what's the scoop now?

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pepper100 10 months ago

She's not the G-G and shes been, that's all I know. Wish it all were true.

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