Italian Doctor Exposes Gain of Function COVID Vaccine

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
15 Apr 2021

⁣Another INCREDIBLY important short video from an Italian Doctor last August. It is subtitled, but under 8 minutes. Each time i find one of these, I learn something else I was not previously afraid of that i aught to be. Natural Fear is healthy, it has been keeping people alive for generations. Manufactures and perpetual Fear actually destroys your brains ability to cortically think.

This DR goes over EVERYTRHING, Gain of Function research by Fauci on Gates Dime, which was outsourced to Wuhan. The INSIDIOUS Vaccinations..., WEAKEN every one who accepts them. The TESTS also are the only way they can actually infect you with their weapon. Those of us who accept the Koch Postulates method of virology know we cannot make each other sick. Which is why they have been so focused on "TESTING" everyone..... Man, I wish this statement was not true "Every time I look into something concerning this SCAMDEMIC I find out it is worse than i feared.

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GarrisonBlue 21 days ago

Videos won't play or stop playing before finished.???

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 10 days ago

Really? At what point does it stop for you?

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