It’s Happening Now But People Don’t See It - Roger Waters on Challenging Authority

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
21 Nov 2021

⁣A revolutionary and powerful speech from musician and Pink Floyd band member Roger Waters on challenging authority and societal change.
This is not a drill.

"We are all brothers and sisters under the skin and above it . . . it's super important that we stop lobbing bombs over the top of the wall and start trying to dismantle it, so that we can say 'hi' to whoever is on the other side, whether the divide is religious or nationalistic or politic or economic."
- Roger Waters

Speaker: Roger Waters
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FireDOVEll 2 months ago

This is so true people need to get up & help save what's left of our natural world before it's all destroyed for a kind of life on earth. Even if it's planting trees, which give us shade & oxygen that keep our planet cooled down, trees eat carbon to survive & give us what we need oxygen & keep mudslides from happening, plants enrich dirt with ALL the nutrients we need naturally. Stop waiting for everyone else to do all the work for you when together we could save our planet, our health & our future kids & leaders Sickness came in when we let others pollute, change & get rich off our suffering. By making us sicker by their by-products. Think about it. When has the Government ever given us free anything? We always end up worse in one way or another. Stop letting others do your thinking who get rich off of it. Help those wanting to save your life. I myself took back control of my health in a lot of ways by using natural, untainted, unnatural smells & colors for cleaning everything I eat, wear, & use for cooking cleaning & breathing. It's amazing how much my lungs alone have healed, I don't get sick from bronchitis, or Pneumonia. Plug-ins may smell great but they were killing my lungs

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