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Watch Out
Watch Out
30 May 2021

⁣Sky News Host Rowan Dean has spoken out against the “woke left” idea Israel’s defence of its citizens is “disproportionate” due to complicated historical reasons.
“This is sheer Orwellian lunacy,” he said.
It comes as the conflict in the Middle East continues to broaden with violent clashes between Palestinians and Israelis spreading across the West Bank.
“In the eyes of the woke left, Israel should sit back silently and allow its citizens to be terrorised and murdered by rockets and bombs … for complicated historical reasons,” Mr Dean said.
Conversely, he pointed out if Hamas fires thousands of deadly rockets into the suburbs of Tel Aviv and synagogues are burned to the ground it’s “hunky-dory” according to left-leaning hosts.
Mr Dean also spoke out against the lack of media attention focused on “imams calling for Israeli Muslims to spend five shekels to buy a cheap knife to slit the throat of their Jewish neighbours alongside whom they have lived peacefully for decades, as they have done”.
“It is disproportionate – what a great word – disproportionate of Israel to defend its people. How dare the Israeli government stop Jews being killed,” Mr Dean said.

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4 months ago

Your work is BRILLIANT! Thank you for going an extra mile to bring our understanding of the message from your written description. This is definitely helpful to me before I hit play. The so called firework display could be symbolic to their visible darkness, as we know they portray all of their wickedness in plain sight.

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Watch Out
Watch Out 4 months ago

It's because I think like you. I want to know what to expect before I click the button

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