Is This Trumps "Secret" Army & Potatohead Creates "Precrime" Division Of DHS

Aimless News
Aimless News
21 May 2021

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Sources used in video:

Pentagon secret army -

Mockingbird still in play -

Vaccine is creating the variants -

Liberals are seriously ****ing deranged -

Lefties are sick demons -

Frontline doctors try to stop vaxx for kids -

fauci lied about HCQ -

fauci lied about children and AIDS -

Remember fauci warned us -

Is communism coming to America -

Potatohead creates new arm of the law -

DHS new over reach -

Spying on soldiers social media -

Potatohead insults the troops -

Potatohead has Jeb please clap moment -

No one is dying in India -

Transgender male to join womens tour -

Idiot tries to break into MMA fighters car -

Meanwhile in russia, women kills husband with her ass -

Steve Inman -

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