In New York Subway , an angry lady kicks an old woman on to the train tracks when she coughed next t

05 Sep 2021

⁣⁣This is how the "covid-thing" creates paranoia and distorts the minds of the people, it transforms the real meaning of "public health" people treated it now seriously and reacts violently (like what happened to the Government of Australia, who sternly enforce this to their citizens), in the past supposedly "public health" is a common belief or philosophy shared by the community or public in the notion of helping and taking-care of each other and not the other way around, it's a sad thing, we come to this kind of predicament or situation. A very sad scene.

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Delores 2 months ago

Glad I don't live in NY, wow why was she so mad. That elderly lady could of gotten hurt. That was just plan rude and she should be arrested for assault

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Jepots 2 months ago

You're very right Dolores, she should be arrested, because what if there is a train coming, we don't know what will happen to the poor Oldwoman. The covid thing really changing us, before if somebody cough or sneeze in the public, somebody too will give some sanitary tissues or a napkin, or somebody will give a water to drink. But now if, somebody will cough or sneeze in a public place somebody will get mad at you. Very distressing and sorrowful times.

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