im starting Roxy Tube(must watch)

Hannah Vlogs
Hannah Vlogs
19 Nov 2020

hey guys this is my first video
hope you like it wait to the end it gets crazy
make sure to like,subscribe,and leave a nice comment😍

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RoxyTube 5 days ago

Hi Hannah! Welcome to RoxyTube! Nice first video. RoxyTube is new for 2020 so you will get more views as more and more people join. For videos, do what you think is the most fun and people will love it if you do. Making videos takes a lot of work and time and patience. You'll get there. School comes first though. haha

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Hannah Vlogs
Hannah Vlogs 5 days ago

YEP!! thaks for likeing my video and watching it means alot to me because everytime i i make a video no one watches to you watching means a lot THANKS?☺️

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Hannah Vlogs
Hannah Vlogs 4 days ago


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