I Share My Own Troubling Theory | HARD TRUTHS Coming from Australia for the REST OF US TO HEED!

13 Oct 2021

I suffer from short term memory sometimes. B/c of this I truthfully can't recall "if" I already covered "my own theory about the DEMS ULTIMATE ENDGAME PLAN"which truly IS VERY CONCERNING & VERY TROUBLING IF I HAPPEN TO BE ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON CORRECT ABOUT IT! Seeing as how it affects BOTH the Vaxxed, Unvaxxed, & what the true purpose for allowing ALL these illegal aliens into our country (who're ALL totally exempt from having to be forced to take any of Gates DEATHccines) & what FINAL ROLE they've unwittingly walked right into unbeknownst to themselves! So "if" I HAVE already covered this part in another of my videos, I just want to TRULY apologize to all of you right now! I'm very sorry.
And if that IS the case than plz feel free to fast forward just a bit to the first video that I've planned to share with all of you fine people. Please do take (the first video with a grain of salt, just in case of anything please.)
The last video is VERY IMPORTANT to watch however so plz pay attention to the best of your very capable abilities.


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2 months ago

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