I'm SCARED To Make This Public!' _ Edward Snowden_HIGH

20 Jun 2021

⁣"I'm SCARED To Make This Public!" | Edward Snowden

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Whatareyou 23 days ago

IP Address..they have everyones!

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RoxyTube 3 months ago

I thought of this. Although Snowden is in hiding, I'm sure if they wanted him they could get him. More odd things.

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Joshua S
Joshua S 3 months ago

Did you know Snowden and John Brennan created this? Snowden had a massive role is spy technology along with Brennan. When Snowden went public it conveniently gave Obama the reason to sign executive orders and Congress to pass legislation to conduct even more spying. Why do you think Snowden has never been touched? Look at Assange. Assange has been through hell but not Snowden. Come on man. Look it up. It’s amazing the absolute lack of knowledge of these issues . If it fits the narrative it must be true..?

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