How to mic acoustic guitar - mic placement for acoustic guitar in the studio

26 Aug 2020

How to record acoustic guitar - mic placement for acoustic guitar in the studio. You don't need an expensive recording studio to record great guitar or instruments. this video shows mic placement for an acoustic guitar. Remember there are no rules. if it sounds good then it is good. always strive to get the best recording during recording. i rarely fix anything after recording and i hate putting EQ on anything unless it is really needed. i like to keep recordings in the studio as organic as possible. rotter studios Chicago. filmed with panasonic gx85. the Shure KSM27 Microphone can be had for about $300 to $400. It’s well worth it for this cardioid condenser that has been designed with the budget musician in mind: sensitive enough for the studio, but tough enough to withstand a go at your next show. It’ll do everything from vocals to acoustic editing tutorials, sound editing, photography, gear talk and guitars. I vlog at times. I've been a video editor for 25 years, audio engineer for 20 years, photographer for 25 years and guitarist on and off for 20 years. I want to share my knowledge and passions in these areas with you and have fun while doing it. Subscribe for more videos!
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