How to Livestream on RoxyTube

29 Apr 2021

⁣This video shows you how to livestream on RoxyTube. Livestreaming is available to Pro Members. You can upgrade by clicking on UPGRADE NOW on the left or by clicking on your channel icon in the upper right.

RoxyTube requires OBS software (free download) for pro livestreaming and security. Search for OBS software or click here. ⁣

Chat function for livestreams coming soon! End of May this year, 2021.

If you're a techy or already a livestreamer, you are familiar with streamlabs OBS. You can use that as well.

Livestreaming on RoxyTube is secure. Each livestream requires a stream key, which is provided to you when STREAM NOW is clicked (click on the blue camera icon in the upper right to get your key. Only pro members will see the STREAM NOW option.)

Enter the stream url and stream key into OBS software and you're ready to go. Watch the video for all the details.

If you have questions on livestreaming, send us an instant message or email.


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Lefex 25 days ago

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Here is what I do....

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trogdorguy6443 4 months ago

cool video

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