How Much Ammo Do I Need For SHTF

23 Jun 2022

⁣How Much Ammo Do I Need For SHTF?
⁣What is a realistic amount of ammo that you need to store for "Just In Case"?

In this video we will review just how much ammo you will need for each platform, taking into account defensive and practice ammo and what you can do to maximize range time and practice.

Here are some basic numbers:

For every rifle or carbine, you should have a minimum of 8 magazines (240 rounds per loadout and you need to plan for a MINIMUM of 3 COMBAT Loadouts. (750 rounds so round that up to 1,000) of "Green Tip" or SS109 or if you prefer an AK-47, 7.62 steel core.

For a handgun, a minimum of 3 magazines for a combat loadout (50 rounds of "Defensive" ammo - Federal Hydra-Shock, Speer Gold Dot, Cor-Bon, Hornady Duty, etc) again a MINIMUM of 3 COMBAT Loadouts so "round up" to 250 rounds. Should you choose to carry a revolver, apply the same figures.

For a shotgun - 12 or 20 Gauge, 100 rounds each of 00 Buck, #4 Buck and slugs and 250 rounds of birdshot for defensive use and hunting.

For a hunting rifle or other "precision scoped rifle" 250 rounds of match quality ammo.

For a "varmit" rifle (practice and small game, etc.) 5,000 rounds of 22lr.


Range Ammo - Military Surplus, Ball, or FMJ practice a minimum of twice a month with 100 rounds of rifle, 50 rounds of pistol, 100 rounds of 22lr and 25 rounds each of hunting/scoped rifle and shotgun ammo will cover all drills and skills which require range time. 2,500 rifle, 1,500 pistol, 600 each of shotgun and hunting. These figures reflect a PER PERSON, PER YEAR estimate.

Remember when storing ammo - moisture is your enemy.

Always store surplus (or new) ammunition in military (or commercial) ammo cans in a dry place and your ammo will last longer than you will.

Enjoy the video.

Remember to always Stay Safe,

Stay Prepared,

God Bless You......

and God Bless America!

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