How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom and Prevents Tyranny

03 Oct 2021

Hopefully the right people find this info because if you've been paying attention to the contents of the vaccine and the meat being contaminated with poison like graphene oxide then you should already be trying to detox heavy metals to avoid radiation toxicity which mirrors flu like symptoms. Zeolites are the best natural detoxifier out there in my opinion. It is used to detox both radiation toxicity as well as heavy metals effectively because of it's porous cage-like structure with negative charge making it a literal magnetic sponge to attract and trap these toxins for removal. Be careful where you buy your zeolites because most are garbage that is pulverized destroying the cage-like properties or are already contaminated with heavy metals making it useless or harmful. I use these people because they been in business over 20 years successfully helping people because it works. Https:// or to learn more about how zeolites work to detox watch the video on this page
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