Hospitals KILLING People with Ventilators

28 Aug 2021

⁣⁣Hospitals KILLING People with Ventilators. New York City patients killed by ventilator overuse and neglect. Are hospitals still killing patients with ventilators, especially if they're not vaccinated by the DNA altering experimental serum being pushed by government and FEMA?

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SunflowerAim 10 days ago

DO NOT go to any hospital!! PERIOD! Do treatment at home- like get a ventilator(used for asthma treatments) to treat any coughing lung issues & Vitamins C,D & Zinc! Zithtromax for infection!

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RoxyTube 2 months ago

A hospital just murdered my cousin. He had zero health issues. Never drank, never smoked. He was young. This happened just like she said, last week. He tried to escape the hospital and they sedated him and put him on a ventilator. Ventilators are a last resort since only 14% of people survive them. They are dangerous machines. Anyone able to attempt escape should not be on a ventilator. They will pay for what they did in the end.

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pvirtssr 2 months ago

wish I knew what she kept looking at???

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