Hospital Administrators Caught On Camera Scheming

14 Sep 2021

What is our world coming to? This is just my opinion and it could be just me, but I wanted to throw this info out here and some people it may clear up some questions you have because most people are not even aware of this but I will keep it simple.. Anyone looking to detox heavy metals toxins because the 5G towers are causing CV19 symptoms then I hope this info helps you. I've found the most effective and safe supplement called cliniptlolite zeolite. I wanted to give a heads up that this stuff is out there to protect yourself and it's really good because of it's peculiar but very stable properties. It is a porous(Cage-Like) structure with a natural negative charge making it act like a magnet to attract not just heavy metal toxins but all toxins including radiation toxicity. This is what they use to detox radioactive isotopes from nuclear disasters which is interesting to say the least. That's why I've been so excited about sharing this info since I've started taking it and seeing positive results in myself and people I have bought some of this for. If this info is useful to you then go check it out

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