Hopes and fears. Original spoken word poetry. Poem read by the author John Leckrone. Ep 186

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
14 Apr 2021


I observe the world as it evolves each and every day.Thinking to myself why did the world turn out this way?All of the lessons of history are so often forgot.When will people learn what matters and does not?Can't we just love one another and live in perfect peace?These wars for profit feed only the banking beast.A soldier weary of battles fought every single day.The crimes that he has witnessed can end in a single day.All we have to do is simply unite with one voice.Tell the crime syndicate "No!" for we do have a choice.Orders are followed by unthinking drones.It has been this way since we started wars with stones.History repeats over and over yet again.I hate the violence, when will it ever end?Make love not war is my battle cry.No one has to suffer and no one has to die.A heart can weigh heavy when we suffer the loss of love.But pain is so much harder when violence slaughters the dove.So forge your plowshares into swords.We must repel the invading hoards.I am sick of the lies that these so called leaders speak.The world as we know it is not controlled by the weak.Tyranny abounds while the people sleep and slumber.Death will come to those who allow their masters to plunder.Yet hope springs eternal for the man with his bloody sword.Let his message of peace strike the conscience of the hoards.I have suffered so much, please let the suffering end.Put the tyranny behind us and let peace and freedom mend.I would never ask others to do what I have had to do.For it does scar a conscience with endless nightmares too.We don't need the continuation of this same old bloody song.When will people realize that it is truly wrong?Listen to the wisdom of a soldier whose battles are very real.The time has come for peace which the bankers always steal.Think of all the power of the many against the evil few.It can all end today and life can begin anew.So stop consenting to the crimes and put them in their place.For if we do not stop this soon it will most certainly destroy the human race.Love one another both near and far and we can change the world.Educate the masses to the scam and let the flag of peace be unfurled.

Original poem by John Leckrone All rights are retained by the author.

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