HIV Was Spread by Vaccines (same playbook)

Final Days Report SJWellFire

⁣Cover the history of how a hepatitis B vaccine spread HIV in the Homosexual community and how the London Times reported the spread of HIV in Africa by the Smallpox vaccine promoted by the WHO. According to a mercenary, his company spread HIV by vaccines on purpose in Africa. Like today with CV19, Fauci pushed only certain HIV treatments that were expensive and deadly (sound familiar). Last, we prove the CV19 vaccine impacts your immune system with HIV characteristics. Global depopulation program / playbook appears to be in play. Note: London Times reported vaccine spreading HIV not NY Times.

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FreeYouTube 1 month ago

DOWNLOAD instrutions HERE , USE , or , ,

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CrazyOldeMarge55 2 months ago

Correct, I fact checked this long ago. And Fauci is a shameful little weasel!!!

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