History of Unreleased Apple Products

14 Jun 2021

it isn’t very hard to believe that companies like Apple experiment with all kinds of different designs for their products, and most of those designs never seen the light of day. Well I looked all around the internet to find as many authentic designs and products that Apple actually created but decided not to release. And I realized that most of the products I came across were designed back in 1982 when Steve Jobs was twenty-eight. It was at this time when he realized that Apple was in a tough predicament. Because with the exception of the aging Apple IIe, the company’s products were failing against IBM’s PCs. And they all were ugly, especially the Apple III and soon-to-be-released Apple Lisa.

So in this video, I don’t want to just rattle off a list of different prototypes and product concepts that never entered production, but I want to tell the story of this interesting period in Apple’s history where design became the company’s top priority. And it wasn’t just a simple matter of designing better computers, it was about creating a design language for Apple to unify their products and compete with bigger companies like IBM and Sony. It was during this period that Apple experimented heavily with their potential design direction, and this exploration resulted in numerous concept designs and concept products that, while never released, helped shape the future of Apple.

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