Hillarys America The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
29 Sep 2021


As i am playing catch up with the polical goins on of the last decade or so, i found this documentary and learned so much from it i knew i had to post it. Anyone who missed this needs to check it out.

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Art_Holland 2 months ago

Saw it long time past. Great refresher. Thanks. The 4 step plan we need to reinvent and use to retake our country! Also
With mass email campaign 3 things
1 info
2 form info to mass printup
3 links for info read/videos
Ie mass email campaign to all in everyones address books. Don’t forget:
1 everyone stop working
2 no fed taxes paid, end fed banking
3 usa declares nationwide bankruptcy
4 end irs
6 end non profits
7 massive Gitmo military tribunals
8 start over
9 entire world do same
10 end Central banks
That is true global reset!
Debt 40+ trillion- cant be paid down by 2100.
Derivative debt 40 quadrillion cant be paid down in 500 years!

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2 months ago

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