Highjacking the Human Body

Mike Savage
Mike Savage
05 Aug 2022

nano invasion? D.N.A. manipulation?
cybernetics? vaccines?
Maybe this film will help you Comprehend what is taking place.

Govern + Ment - Govern - Mental = Govern Your Mind!

Under + Stand = Stand Under...
Ie... comply

Pharmakia in Greek = Alchemy and Sorcery.

Holly Wood is the wood of the Holly tree used to make magick wands.
*Magick/Magicka - Alister Crowley/Thelema

Walt Disney was a 33rd Degree Mason and oart of the Jewish Cabal. shhh. 🀫
(you're not supposed to know this stuff!
nothing to see here. carry on paying your taxes)

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow! πŸ’«

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