Hermetic Thoughts of The Inner Mind - Conscious Hip Hop Mix ((432))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
11 Oct 2021

It's still 1 time for the mind, like the first cosmic law.. Too many thoughts to fathom at times, especially when consciousness expands beyond the mind over matter paradigm.. This is kind of the B sides to a mixtape project i released last year titled Corruption, Confusion & Control of Thought (thoth), which covered many occult aspects of the first Cosmic Principle of Mentalism and how it's been manipulated beyond antiquity.

Ever since i learned as a kid that the human brain only functions on 10% (or so) of it's capacity/potential, i felt a splinter in my brain (think Morpheus quote from The Matrix movie) that grew bigger and more uncomfortable over time. i thought this life incarnation was unfair in that regard, like it’s a set-up, or a rip-off, or that life has been so incredibly manipulated beyond fathom that i grew more curious and frustrated about it all.. Does that seem normal to anyone in this reality that we have dormant DNA, 10% brain operation, needing 8hrs of sleep (equaling sleeping away a 3rd of our life), and needing to eat 3 times a day to sustain our energy? This is not how a multidimensional sovereign being lives!?! This incarnation, this cycle is where we have reincarnated to reclaim our power, our souls even- that have been fragmented due to cosmic trauma.. We are here to undergo the bio-spiritual regenesis and activate our DNA, then help others to do the same.. Natural Law is encoded in our DNA, when you activate yourself, you become more instinctively conscious & aligned in your thought patterns & behaviours in line with the codes of consciousness

Ever have a bunch of crappy ideas or thoughts playing thru your mind repetitively like a broken record? this mix can help switch that beat towards more prolific thoughts & ideas that wouldn't be such a bother if they get stuck in a repetitive thought pattern.. but watch out for them stagnating feedback loops

Have you ever questioned not just what you think and why, but if they're all your own true authentic thoughts and not just something drawn in by the collective consciousness, other entities, or otherwise? Ever tried to dissect the way you think? how you put things into perspective and weighing it up to what's objective? Do you look at things from a multitude of angles (including the diametric opposites/polarities) to under/inner/overstand something and also see the bigger picture around it, like the law of correspondence; as a above, so below, the relationships between the macrocosm & the microcosm? Think about it..


Visions of The Mind - Sub-Conscious
Brainstormin' - The Grouch
Think About It - Bas-1
I Think - Aceyalone
Short Mission Statement (BNADLANAW) - Kemetic Suns x Dash
Indigineous Thought Patterns - Jewelz Infinite ft. Apakalypse
The B-Train Tracks of Thought Processes - Various
Galactic Idols - 4 Months, Panic, Fluent & Realistikk
Thoughts (revisited) - Acid Reign
Rivers of Gold - FundaMentals
Egolessness - Raven featured by Aversive
E1-E-2 (outro snippet) - Scienz of Life
Over Ya Head - KRS-One
Always Interlay - Mystik Journeymen
Think Twice - Opoetik
Stop & Think - John Robinson
Stolen Thoughts - Neila
Colorful Thoughts - Scarub ft. Very
Mind Incline - Mood Ruff
Soul Searchn Remix - Jam Dot (Da Original Troopa)
Deep Thoughts (Diving) - New Moon
Situated Thoughts - Plado
Decadence of Destruction - Ultraman x Diverse
We Think The Way - US Pros
Masterpiece Thoughts - Boogiemonsters
Parallel Alternate Universe - Dave Dub & Fanatik
Thought Process Progress - Smoke
Poor Righteous Teachers - Poor Righteous Teachers
Divine Powerz Again - Scienz of Life
Instrumental - Elusive x Sethikus Boza

Arranged, mixed & produced in 432Hz on 19/6/2021 in Quimper, France by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind


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