Here Comes The BOOM, Election Fraud Exposed - Get Ready For Total Shutdown Of Internet

Aimless News
Aimless News
15 Jul 2021

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Sources used in video:

Here comes the Boom, Arizona numbers don't match -

Election bombs starting to drop, Michigan -

Georgia election results will be bad -

Georgia completely corrupt -

Pennsylvania joins in -

Support Gateway Pundit and get your new freedom phone -

Potatohead in full panic mode in PA -

Get ready, vaxx mandates are coming here next -

Another plane crash, no word if pilot was vaccinated -

CNNs Fredo's wife found in Epsteins black book -

Fredo knew two years ago what was coming -

Wrong kind of refugee, cubans vote republican -

Recommended viewing -Clif High predictions -

Todays sick ****ing liberals, this is child abuse -

British paratrooper crashes through roof, apparantly unharmed -

Lightning strike destroys george floyd mural -

Here's what every American boy should get for Christmas -

American conservative women do this -

Babylon Bee other states want to know how to get rid of democrats -

Trump talks to telemarketer -

Steve Inman -

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