He Did It Again | Pastor Pawlowski throws out Canadian Police

Watch Out
Watch Out
26 Apr 2021

⁣Read it here: ⁣https://cutt.ly/6v4h8ju
Having been turned away there first time by Pastor Pawlowski, local Canadian Police return with SWAT and a court order.

Pawlowski has refused to discontinue services or aid to local homeless throughout the entire duration of these COVID19 lockdowns, and has accumulated nearly 30 tickets for these violations.

Pawlowski believes the local police will continue to try to make an example of him due to his activism that spans over the last decade. This was made clear to him when the police returned to his church for a second time.

This time they brought 10 officers and were accompanied by a SWAT team. [287]

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RoxyTube 7 months ago

This pastor needs a weekly show where he turns away the nazis every time. I'd watch every episode. Kinda makes you think of all the videos out there of people being arrested for not wearing a mask, if they're staged. This pastor yells in their faces and they don't arrest him. Things to think about.

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