⁣⁣Great Reset: Economic Fascism - New World Order & Reviewing Klaus Schwab's Book

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
20 Sep 2021

⁣⁣Great Reset: Economic Fascism - New World Order & Reviewing Klaus Schwab's Book

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In tonight’s video we are going to discuss three different topics. We are going to start with a clip from Libertarian Dave Smith’s appearance on Fox News. He brought up a topic that we have spent a lot of time discussing on this channel, how the establishment is building a truly fascistic system. People tend to use the term fascism incorrectly but what the Biden administration is doing right now is actual economic fascism. In particular, it is Mussolini’s version of corporatism, the merging of corporations and state. They are currently combining Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the government. This is fascism.

From there we are going to discuss the Australian Health Minister’s mention of the NWO. We are going to talk about what the NWO is and how they counter discussions about it through weaponized language. They are working on developing a NWO Global Government – if you toss aside the more out there claims – you actually have a concrete premise for global government.

To finish up – we are going to review a chapter from Klaus Schwab’s book. Particularly, the chapter entitled “The Risk Of Dystopia”

Yes…that is the title.

This book and his book from 2016 regarding the 4th industrial revolution are acting as manuals on how they are going to implement their reset agenda. After re-reading the book, I believe it is time to go over some of the finer details and discuss how they are making a conscious choice to build this authoritarian system.

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