Graphene In The Vaxx Is A Self Assembling Magnetic Nanosystem & Medical Research Is Made Up Bull

Aimless News
Aimless News
22 Jul 2021

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Sources used in video:

Potatohead Biden takes a selfie, he's so proud -

Big Pharma info is total fraud -

Self mobilizing nanotech -

Drip drip drip Potatohead Biden used gmail for business with his son -

They are shutting down info everywhere -

Smart doctors are not getting the jab -

200 people being monitored for monkeypox -

15,000 year old melting glacier reveals new viruses -

Freedom day in london not so free -

Calishithole, take anything you want prop 47 -

Australia psychopaths are getting desperate, don't talk to people -

2 minutes of democrats bashing voting machines, what changed -

Sperm bank in china wants the best sperm -

Trump impersonator does stelter humpty dumpty -

Steve Inman -

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