Gold Star Mom Goes Off On Potatohead, "My Sons Blood Is On Your Hands" (Arrest Him For Tre

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01 Sep 2021

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Sources used in video:

Freedom at any cost, never give it up -

Gold Star mom tells Potatohead about his ass -

Piss pants Pelosi wants this to go away quickly -

Potatohead Biden's payback kills a bunch of kids -

More proof Potatohead Biden is a complete failure -

Reminder of what he gave the taliban -

Potatohead runs away from questions again -

Ddon't worry Americans get stranded all the time -

CJ Pearson tells stupid old bint about her ass -

Putin way more based than Potatohead -

Why did Canada order 293 million vaccine doses -

Truck crashes with vaccines, DOD scrambles -

Do they actually care about people in Japan -

Japan also prescribed ivermectin -

This will be interesting, judge orders hospital to give ivermectin -

This is how stupid people are, they don't know the vaxx is giving them covid -

More leftists lunatics in charge, vaccinating animals now -

What's this about, two senior officials leaving the FDA -

Excellent interview, virus does not exist - 57:55-59:08

Recall election news -

Steve Inman -

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orangelollipop 2 months ago

Did the FDA really approve the Pfizer vaccine? and why haven't they approved Moderna?

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