Get Out! (of the Matrix of Manipulation) - Conscious Hip Hop Compilation ((432Hz))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
11 Apr 2022

GET OUT of the individual and societal matrices that have conditioned and controlled the masses in ways most wouldn't even dare imagine or accept. This title was indeed inspired from the movie, 'Get Out,' which was a pretty chilling flick, but this mix is themed a bit differently and not so race-oriented, altho, since this is hip hop, there are some very satanic elements that have infiltrated that industry which has perverted black culture/communities, who were the originators of that divine art-form. And people of all colors and creeds need to get out of those mentalities and behaviors since hip hop has such a profound influence. What hip hop has deteriorated into due to the programmers has had very significant effects in the music industry and in society.. I suggest looking into professor Griff's extensive lectures about all that.. Hip Hop is the musical voice of Truth in my generation, but how it's been co-opted, controlled, steered, marketed and commercialized is another subject altogether. The main point is that there are two polarities of this art-form and it is sadly the case that the extreme end of the musical spectrum that is dumbed down beyond belief is much more popular and well known than its conscious counterparts.

There are multitudes of social conditioning tactics that have humanity strung out, not knowing who they truly are, where they came from, why we're here, and their unbreakable powerful connection to source and it goes so incredibly deep that it's unfathomable for many who are not yet aware, or deny the reality of what is and what has been occurring on this planet for eons

Get out of stockholm syndromes, Get out of the slave mentality, Get out of of the new age bs, Get out of toxic environments, Get out of any cults, Get out of toxic relationships, Get out of the mind control minusha, Get out of your own mental chains that hold you back from your greatness and authentic self, Get out of victim mentalities and become a sovereign being. Get out of the lower chakra/vibrational modalities of living, Get out of ego-based desires and attachments. Get out of the compliance of oligarchy and draconian measures. Get out of your participation with evil, corruption and transhumanism. Get out of feedback loops of self-inflicted suffering, stagnation, and illegitimate diagnoses of reality based off of false/ostensible foundations of knowledge. Get out of the beliefs in the legitimacy of any form of slavery for anyone.
Get out of the mental matrix on a multidimensional level and reclaim your mind, body and spirit.
Get in to your true soul code essence and in alignment with Natural Law

a lil food for thought in regards the movie The Matrix and how and how it relates to our reality.. The matrix is part of a greater AI false deity, who wants to be like and become a god. Technical Intelligence we can call it too.. what exactly was or were the nefarious forces, entity, leader, main brain/mainframe of the Matrix on the digital/electronic/mechanical/computer/AI levels? was it really just the architect? How about the Borg in Star Trek?
we can all #escapethematrix, but it ultimately needs to be dismantled and that's never going to happen on its own.. we are the true technology, the true magicians, but we need to heal, operate on heart-based intelligence and come back into alignment with our stellar selves, thus activating dormant DNA, organic chakra templates, and the eternal potential of our consciousness.


La Fin du Monde (snippet) - The Hylozoists
Somebody to Love (snippet) - ?? (rare version
333 - Beyond Reality
Radiowaves - Misinformants
Invasion of The Clearcutters - DJ Frane x Azeem (Greatest Mystery accapella)
Magicmoments - Semoitics ft. Righteouss
Freeform - Kaotic Souls
Paranoia (snippet) - Dream Warriors
Interlude of Insight - Various
Spun Cycles - NerCity
Check Yo Self Remix snippet - Ice Cube
The Story - Ayentee
Fallen (snippet) - Pep Love
Mental Matrix (snippet) - Apakalypse ft.
Look Around - Dead Prez
There is Danger - Wax Tailor
Invisible Man - Public Enemy
Desperation - Eligh ft. Scarub & Murs
Poems 4 Post Modern Decay - Zion I ft. Aesop Rock
Get Away Instrumental - Mobb Deep
The Unlearning - Nitty Scott
Gotta Get Over Instrumental - Gangstarr
Chain Remains - Naughty By Nature
Attack of The Killer Sheeple - Living Legends
Hazey Elements of My Dinner With Andre - Nomadik Mind Travelers x the movie
Ghetto Birds - Mystic
I Don't Think So - Kam
C'mon - Atmosphere
I Am On a Journey to My Soul, But the Police Just Pulled Me Over - Variable Unit ft. ?
A Quick Escape to Swan Lake - Blackaliscious x Bicasso
Inner Ear Visions - Opoetik
Self Expressions - Audiopharmacy
Outro - Moonrocks x Mark Passio


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