German police using ‘social distancing stick’ between anti-vaccination protesters

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Watch Out
13 Dec 2021

403. ⁣Hundreds of people took to the streets in Frankfurt, Germany to protest the coronavirus measures.
Frankfurt police, on the other hand, took an interesting precaution to ensure social distance rules in the protests.
Police used folding rulers to check if people were standing at least 1.5 meters apart as they walked through the crowd.
According to local media, around 200 people attended the protest. It was announced that social media users made sarcastic comments to police officers using measuring sticks.
Frankfurt police proudly launched COVID-19 sticks in a Twitter post last week, saying they will be used to “continuously” verify compliance with Germany’s social distancing rule.

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Sunwood 5 months ago

Get a motor bike gang and they can shove that stick up that nazi ass.

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Whatamess 5 months ago

Hitler would have never put up with this shit!

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