George Floyd Death Hoax - Crisis Actors Explained - RoxyTube

15 Jul 2020

⁣George Floyd Death Hoax - Crisis Actors Explained - RoxyTube. George Floyd death HOAX. crisis actors and freemasons planned George Floyd riots around the world. Freemasons and crisis actors planned george floyd death protests to enforce marshal, along with everything else you see on television. Everything you see on tel-lie-vision is a lie! It has been since the 1800s since the newspaper.

Black guy "dies" and millions around the world riot? No no no. People are waking up. Isn't it something that 3 weeks after this George Floyd Hoax it's no longer in the news. No one cares. The George Floyd Hoax ran its course. The elite needed something again to separate the people so they can continue working on things behind the scenes while sidetracking us. This George Floyd Hoax video says it all. I can't breathe ... get on the trendy wagon! Where can I get the tshirt?

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Amorzinho 7 days ago

I just want to understand why Trump seemed to buy that story and speak so much about it as if it was real?

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gdcskates 25 days ago

They are all deceivers. Homowood is the master illusionist. MASTERS. Only transsexuals on TV and in homowood.

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Very enlightening!!!!

Fuck The Freemasons !
We want our country back from CIA MOCKINGBIRD FAKE NEWS !!!

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Whatareyou 29 days ago

That Hillary...A She-Devil Mastermind she be! Protecting her Free Given... Child Trafficking Ships! Paul Pelosi, his are under surveillance also! To those paid for their supporting these Dastardly Masterminds, are just as guilty! I'm a SpecialFX artist! Once, zoomed easy to see the Fake! Another diversion! Thank You! Sharing, of course!

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Cyberat 1 month ago

And just after the "death" all investigations into the counterfeit money is hushed, the restaurant/club is involved.

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