Genesis: Awakening The Lost Spiritual Principle - Hermetically Sealed Hip Hop Mix ((432))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
18 Oct 2021

The Generative Principle of Natural Law/Cosmic Law/Spiritual Law/Universal Law, etc. expressed and digressed in this compilation of truth infused hiphop from the heart!

This mix is about activating Care at profound levels within yourself which act as the driving force/motivation to manifest change in one's life, thus rippling that positive effect/energy on others and their environment- and beyond. And for this Winter Solstice of 2020, everyone is faced with a very significant decision between choosing to vibrate higher and align to Love, Truth, Natural Law, Morality and Freedom, or choosing to continue to operate and stay in their ignorant ego encrusted mindstates running on feedback loops and manipulative programs that veil the authentic true self. What's ultimately going to be the underlying factor in people's decisions is the amount of care they have for themselves, others, and the overall encompassing webs of life on this planet plus our great mother earth as well.. Topics like these aren't too popular because they make you face the mirror long and hard, which many are uncomfortable with or just prefer to avoid... that's the shadow work tho- confronting yourself and its' negative aspects, understanding what makes it uncomfortable to look in the mirror, what triggers us and why, etc.. it's a given that those who have a lack of love/respect for themselves will have a lack of that for others and the world they're living in- that's the Law of Correspondence..

Why do you think the manipulators always pull on heart strings? it's to influence people into caring about things that will drive their actions to go with agendas behind the mainstream narrative propaganda.. For example, the media has been hammering into the population the idea that we need to wear a mask and keep our distance, otherwise it will kill grandma.. The tactic banks off the love and care we have for our elderly in order to sway us into doing something that is both physically & psychologically detrimental- despite whoever spins it to the contrary, and there's more than enough scientific/medical evidence to back that up, along with the fact that the virus has not been isolated, hasn't satisfied koch's postulates, the issues with germ theory and how viruses spread, plus the pcr test is bunk and is not even a test.. Doesn't take an expert to understand all that.

Bottom line is that we need everyone to find and cultivate that true divine care for themselves, others and this planet, what is good, right, moral and true to manifest the courage to support and defend it.. The manipulators/controllers care too, but it's dark care- the opposite of what i've portrayed here.. Noticed that the rona has been their false flag for what is considered their end game, so if this was poker, all the cards and chips are on the table and we cannot let them win.. they will not win, but the majority of the population has to awaken from their terrified slumber and find the right care to take right action.. not just to stave off all the inversions, draconian systems and toxic human/planetary conditioning, but so that we can build the new earth paradigm of organic evolution that will take us beyond what most think is currently possible..



Seeds of (Conscious) Intention - Anacron x Living Alliance Of Love
Closer - DJ Day ft. Aloe Blacc
The Gates (of re-Genesis) - Cunninglinguists x Mark Passio
The Art of Living - Nebulus
Steel Kites - Panacea
Love, Truth, Freedom & Justice - Mayhem Mystics
The Walk - Teao ft. Maya Azucena
Same Mother - Derrick Broze
Against The Beast Pt.2 - Cyclonious ft. Nate & Dark Matter
Artificial Light - Imanaari + Kropz + I & Ideal
Digital Hugz - Eyeshine
All That You Give - Cinematic Orchestra x Mark Passio
Interconnectedness - Kalki ft. Princess Elysia Lightening
Teach Me The Way - Grough & Eligh
Another Lesson - Luckyiam
Pick Up The Pieces - DJ Syah
Yesterday & Today - Abstract Tribe Unique
Religion - Dash
The Pledge - Ayentee ft. Wonway
Love (snippet) - George Duke
Dévotion - MC Solaar x Manly P Hall
The Cause of Your Will - Various
Unseen Perception of What Dare Is - Audiopharmacy ft. MAya Azucena
Excuses - Gregg Green
Sacred Future - Living Alliance Of Love
Community 2.2 (snippet) - Jazz Mafia
"You" interlude - Dash
My Weakness - Moby x Passio, Gift of Gab & Sethikus Boza
Dis Aux Gosses (part 2) - Fabe
Looking For The Light - Karen Gibson Roc
Outro Bonus, since i care
Lowtech Introspect - Can You Bear? - Bicasso

arranged, mixed & produced in 432HZ on 20/12/20 in sunny La Ciotat by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind


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1 month ago

Hi Guys…… Did you know Most of the People lose their Jobs because of the
pandemic and many people facing difficulty to live and to feed their family without a proper job in these days.....

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