10 Oct 2021

I just wanted to share this representation of what a true American Patriot use to be at one time. Hope it inspires someone or resurrects the patriotic spirit in some of the snowflakes out there. With that said I have another important message.⁣
This is for anyone looking to detox the heavy metal nanoparticles that they've been bombarding us with through chemtrails and contaminating our food and water supply with. Either because you've had the jab, been around people that have had it, or from the other ways I mentioned above I recently discovered a natural supplement when I first heard of shedding and the food being laced with this graphene and other heavy metal toxins. This led me to discover that I was magnetic on my collarbone close to my heart and I haven't had to Fauci Ouchy so I was alarmed because despite many people finding out they were magnetic and thinking it is funny I don't find anything funny about it especially with this 5G popping up everywhere. Common sense should tell you that anything magnetic can be manipulated in many different ways by EMF. So the interesting thing I found in my research is called zeolites and what caught my attention was the fact that it is used to detox radioactive isotopes from nuclear disasters and the like along with heavy metals and other toxins. I found that this works because of its porous cage-like structure and natural negative charge making it a literal magnetic sponge to attract and trap these toxins for removal from the body in a safe, effective, and stable manner but be careful where you get these supplements because it should be processed and in a purified form. The size matters because only small micronized zeolite is able to enter the bloodstream which is what I think is ideal considering that many of the nanoparticles we want to detox are located in the bloodstream. Anyways, after 5 weeks of this stuff along with NAC and I am no longer magnetic thank god. I hope this info helps someone. Oh this is the page I found that led me to the brand I use. They have a video going deeper into zeolites also

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Frances2 2 months ago

Bravo ... Freedom

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pvirtssr 2 months ago

lol seems like everyone forgets two things. 1 PATTON SAID THAT WE FOUGHT THE WRONG ENEMY. 2 TRUMP IS A VIETNAM DRAFT DODGER. Give me corona, give me muzzles, give me lockdowns, give me vaccines at warp speed give me 5 and 6G. lmao

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Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors 2 months ago

we need the positivity aswell as the horrific truth

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Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors 2 months ago

brilliant: thank you Adam

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