Gen Flynn Says False Flags Coming & Trump Says Watch Next Week

Aimless News
Aimless News
26 Jun 2021

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Sources used in video:

Gen Flynn says beware of false flag attacks -

This is how you can spot a democrat -

What the **** is wrong with Potatohead -

And then Harris tells him what to do -

Potatohead says Harris did great job with border -

Logistical questions for Potatohead -

Like mother, like daughter, let the kickbacks begin -

The real reason Harris doesn't want to go to border -

College is simply indocrination at this point -

Are buildings being sabotaged in Florida to hurt DeSantis -

Here is how graft and corruption works -

Portland assures antifa they shot a white guy -

MailChimp suspends Babylon Bee for harmful information -

Youtube obeying their puppet master china -

Trump says watch what I do next week with big tech -

Steve Inman -

Snowflake Song -

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