Gaza Girls - "Kill All the Jews" - SATIRE!

27 May 2021

⁣The recent Hamas war against Israel has nothing to do with “President Biden” funneling money into the Palestinian Authority and also the biggest sponsor of terrorism, Iran. Actually, it has to do with a 2:46 minute video created by the jihadi-candy-pop girl band, Gaza Girls.*

Led by a young, beautiful religious virgin named Tina Shahida, the trio made its debut to great success back in 2014 with its hit debut single “K#1L All the J3w5.” It was a rallying-cry to their jihadi brothers and sisters in Gaza, and it garnered close to 500,000 views collectively on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and just recently, Rumble, until it was completely banned from cyberspace.**

These virgins are so sexy in their bubble-gum Jew-hatred, that it has inspired hundreds of thousands of horny men in Gaza to heed their cry and to kill as many Israelis aka Zionists aka Jews as possible. But it seems this wily women found a way to bypass the censors. They chose to go to on Roxy, which was created for video creators whose content often gets banned on other platforms for “violating community standards.”

Roxy must take down this video immediately!

*The Gaza Girls is a ficitious band created by Israeli-American journalist, Orit Arfa, who is also the star of athe video:

**After YouTube banned the video in 2014, Vimeo bravely kept it on, writing to the video's creator. “More often than not, people miss the satire entirely (which is the same mistake we made the first time we saw it). It’s a sad state of affairs when something so over the top could plausibly be a sincere example of what it is engaging with. In any case, we definitely respect expression above all else and are happy to have your back!” (It is unclear why and when Vimeo eventually removed the video.)

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2 months ago

This is mind blowing! A like for your credit! Thumbs down for the hate speech of this video to the human being!

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