Gab Sucks 2: Electric Boogaloo (

23 Nov 2021

Gab Sucks 2: Electric Boogaloo (
Had to title it like that hehehe. This is the part 2 of my criticism of Gab (, a 'free speech' social network created and run by a far right christian fanatic and businessman, Andrew Torba.

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DISCLAIMER: All the content that I upload to this channel is meant only as satire and comedy. I have no ill will towards anyone I talk about in my videos. Please do not attack anyone or anything I talk about.
Tnx :)

In these two videos I explain why I dislike both Torba and Gab, this video serving as an addition to the previous one, where I seemingly wasn't clear enough with what my main point was. I hope this one clears things up a bit.

Pretty dark down here huh? ◉_◉

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