Full House EXPOSED - 90's CREEP SHOW

16 Jan 2022

jake the **** does it again link below

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gdcskates 4 months ago

These demons are all TRANSSEXUALS. Fuck em.

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Janet Fleetwood
Janet Fleetwood 4 months ago

I saw nothing with Michelle's hand. It was resting on the side of the car seat. When they're placing Michelle into the highchair, Joey's holding her feet together so they can slide her down in to the highchair. Children get hung up sometimes. I did find it inappropriate for Bob to be in the tub with the 2 boys. We don't really know what Joey is doing but checking a diaper? While Michelle is in the crib. Yelling shut up to a baby is inappropriate also. That's what I saw.

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CoolBirdie 4 months ago

They are eating pasta too. Pedo code. Disgusting

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Mark Alan King
Mark Alan King 4 months ago

just looking at that video thumbnail creeps me out .... gematria database also said the two twins grew up to be baby killing satanic witches themselves

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Bernatab 4 months ago

whatever expos him but you were commenting on Joey not the Dad

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