Friends, lovers and the power of shared energy A perspective on meaningful relationships Episode 121

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
03 Apr 2021

On this video John Leckrone discusses relationships to include his relationship with his friend and x wife. He goes into great detail on the importance of family in providing for a stable society. John exposes the history of feminism and why it was an important tool to destroy families. The great society programs contributed to the problem as well. These things have impacted our society in so very many ways. The damage these philosophies have done have had a lasting effect on far too many men, women and young people who grew up in single parent households.

John gives his thoughts on the current dating scene and how men and women should approach each relationship. He encourages people to seek after more than just a casual relationship in order to truly discover the beauty, passion and extreme satisfaction of being pair bonded with someone close to them. A true bond creates a love that goes far deeper and will take people farther than they can possibly imagine. The synergy it creates cannot be matched by the shallow relationships most people experience these days.

Aaron Russo on Feminism and the Rockefeller agenda to destroy families.

It's all prostitution. Politics, religion, banking, drugs, alcohol, dating & marriage. Episode 100

The importance of pair bonding. My very first YouTube video on my channel.

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