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It's summer, and the weather is unbearable. It is scorching outside, and creating those beautiful memories with your family is becoming a brawl. Why is that? It is because your AC is not working. But why are you not looking for a technician? The last one disappointed you may be. These things happen, and that's why we at Free Air Heating &Air-conditioning Ltd have made everything different for you. Our technicians are the best there is in Milton, ON, and its surroundings. When they come to your home, they fix your AC professionally and leave you smiling. We are always a call away, and we operate 24/7 all year round. What you need to do is visit our website on and engage with us. We will be happy to serve.Free Air Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.529 Main Street East, Milton, ON L9T 3J2 Canada(905) 783-3329

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