FRAZZLE DRIP - Hillary Clinton murdered this child. Narrated by Gene Decode. RIP.

12 Sep 2021

Published On Aug 26, 2021

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Tolduso 1 month ago

One photo is of Scarlett keeling murdered in Goa India where two men are accused of her murder, another photo is from the album..verses of the bleeding..come on stop with the BS

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Genericcitizen 1 month ago

Is there no God to help the children? Where the **** is a savior that will put an end to this once and for all!?!?!?!?!? Soul sick!!

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Michellea 1 month ago

So difficult to hear with music drowning out what hes saying. Dont need music to make this dramatic it sure is a very horrific story all by itself. No need at all for music esp something this serious !!!!

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