Forced COVID vaccination | Danish government backs down

Watch Out
Watch Out
01 Apr 2021

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There has been a public outcry over the prospect of forced compulsory testing, hospitalization and treatment, and forced isolation.
Nine days of public protest and criticism from medical and professional sources have reportedly forced the Danish government to back down from its plan to impose a special law regarding diseases that are considered to be “socially critical.”
The draft “epidemilov,” or “epidemic law,” had provisions allowing the use of police to force vaccinations on certain groups defined by the state.

This important news turned out to be hard to pin down and is still being presented as fake by Danish commentators on social media, with a number of users claiming to live in Denmark saying they had heard of no demonstrations or change of mind on the part of the government.
Indeed, mainstream international media, including MSN, were silent about the event, which would have gone unnoticed if it were not for local social media users who posted videos of the “pots and pans protest” that put pressure on Danish authorities. [274]

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glenmuise 3 months ago

This is a great boost to my belief that no we are not sheep and people have to stop saying that.

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Cuff 6 months ago

We the people have had enough, at note to all these pantomime actors they call politicians. Your days are numbered.

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