Florida Keys Tiki Hut Builders - Southern Cross Contracting


⁣Tiki huts bring to mind pictures of the clear, blue waters of Hawaii. You can transport yourself to the land of luaus, fun music, and sandy beaches. But what if you could take all that fun and bring it to your own backyard? Southern Cross Tikis of Florida Keys can help you design your very own tiki hut right in your own backyard. Imagine the evenings and weekend fun you can have, sitting in the backyard and having a good time this summer. We are a Fully licensed and insured Florida Keys Tiki hut builders, so you know your tiki hut will last a long time. When you need a tiki hut built, trust Southern Cross Tikis, your local FL Keys Tiki hut builder. Call us at 239-997-0103 to discuss your tiki hut needs.

Florida Keys Tiki Hut Builders - Southern Cross Contracting

28 Bonefish Ave. Key Largo, FL 33037

1 (786) 625 3582


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