#filmyourhospital #emptyhospitals covid hoax

16 Jul 2020

#filmyourhospital #emptyhospitals covid hoax to keep us all under house arrest. This video was uploaded to EvilTube 9 times and taken down 9 times within a week. Many people loved this coronavirus empty hospital video so here it is on Roxy Tube. SPREAD THE WORD and Share this video!

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Shadow 10 months ago

In the UK they did the same thing and the hospitals were empty as were the testing places. A lot of those were removed as well. Here is a nurse in the UK saying her piece. Gemma also went into a hospital and it too was empty. Gemma is an actual real reporter. Not many of those left these days. https://shadowsbearsoutlook.bl....ogspot.com/2020/11/a

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ReddDawn 1 year ago

this will go down in History brother, excellent move to expose this crap.

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Yabuturtle 1 year ago

Love watching this video! I did have 3 separate eviltube accounts and uploaded empty hospital videos from all 3 accounts and all 3 videos were taken out within a day. I still can't believe that people can't seem to see what is going on and put two and two together!

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JokerBox 1 year ago

Agreed! It’s beyond obvious what’s going on. Floyd death hoax is another.

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