FDA Ignored Evidence Of Cell Phone Radiation

09 Mar 2022

⁣Cell phones have always emitted dangerous cancer causing radiation, so use them sparingly and never leave them close to your body. Get yourself a home phone and don't use your cells at home, put them away instead someplace safe and a good distance away from your body. Protect your kids. Same goes for those ipads and tablets.

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MustardSeeds 4 months ago

bigger than that 140 countries presented at the UN a vast list of disorders.. they refused to listen then and now on G5.. we are suffering radiation poisoning right now. .emf pollution.. they do not care anymore than denying tobacco, pharma or pesticides plastics dominate at poisoned world already, cause a list of things too.. has been real for decades..
**could it be true>>
a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.. see full pages**few clips see the site please>> validate for yourself not me posting.. just read what RAW NEWS FOUND **Very worth our critical thinking on their strategies now nato and the un/c-ia coalition as of approx. 2020 their seat or centralized great powers/operate in Germany american uk alliance on medical and military cyber-centralization of surveillance and enforcement (+ID-CARDS+) for global monitoring fulfilling WrldEcomForm, right?
Exposed as prime collaborators strategizing on incredulous activity in the creation and dispersion of the thing and mechanism to facilitte a global lockdown and shutdown.. who gains and the same names who did it and in those entities functionings, scandals killing at the very lowest end of their crimes to **"modify mankind, genetically and otherwise"**
>>.//.Putin and Trump, from his Mar-a-Lago command center, spent a 20-minute phone call once more discussing the Russian leader’s true reasons for mounting an assault on Ukrainian sovereignty. Putin spent the first half of the call updating Trump on his efforts to destroy Western-sponsored biolabs in Ukraine, which he called a “blight” on a once beautiful landscape. According to Putin, who in 7 days has become the world’s vilest villain, supplanting Xi Jinping, the Russian military had obliterated the following: 11 U.S. State Department/Department of Defense-funded bioweapon facilities; 4 German toxic chemical research centers; 3 Swiss nanotechnology centers; 1 French bio-tech consortium; and 3 Israeli labs that were feverishly working to weaponize airborne rabies. Additionally, Putin claimed his forces had carried out precision strikes on mobile (18-wheelers unsafely retrofitted into makeshift labs) biolabs attempting to transport lethal pathogens across the Ukrainian border into Poland. He told Trump that Russian SU-35 planes used laser-guided munitions to eliminate the roving labs.

Moreover, Putin said his fighter planes had destroyed a Biden-owned, 200-acre villa 35km west of Kyiv. He insisted that Biden was deeply enmeshed in Ukraine’s criminal enterprises, and

****Author’s note: This morning, while checking website analytics, I was delighted to see Traffic had increased by 35% over 36 hours. Then I realized the additional traffic came from Ukraine, and was not legitimate traffic, and all of it was DDOS attacks directed at the server but at pages that don’t exist. As a result, I’ve had to GEOBLOCK all IPs originating from Ukraine, not because I have animosity toward Ukrainians, but because I must protect the site.**** ..see the rest of the article.. interesting as it appears as true as anything ..even if other things are happening.. worth knowing.. he does not consider biden the elected president ..from their intel he said he knew right away.. on the mainstream news ..till censored..
I don't know who is right.. but I do know who is wrong... I hope soon enough arrested head to the tail taken out of our "authoratively high places" self created and sanctioned... this is rom one generation to the next we fight.. it is ours I believe we defeat them.. to much public knowledge many living from their last horror show that this assault on humanity makes it pale by comparison. .given it has already been instrumented over decades of private and public money to instrument it to this.. damage the world and expect ..us all to what .?** .bow and curtsey ** hardly our generation or expectations.. even the uneducated are highly educated in a higher tec world over 100 yrs ago, everybody knows the news even when you do not buy the news.. in general.. we have advanced.. hard to put that info increase back in the jar once out...spiritually intelligence tells you all laws rights and basic common sense in all cultures I believe,, only the corrupt do devious hidden cruel things or design them against all the race of on earth, impartial to who or how they hurt them. peoples intelligent functioning persons.. most spirit and faith lead people populate the world... our time is about to come if we stand together to stop the slight of hand and war and just psychological "drama" of constant fear mongering, not letting us relax and live our lives.. they are evil

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