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22 Jul 2020

Fall of the Cabal coming. The Cabal and corrupt government politicians and Hollywood will fall. The world will be a much better place. Prepare for mass changes in the world in the next few months. Weeks leading up to presidential election will be bad. Spread the word!

Share this video! Stand together! THEY have scripted everything you have ever known. Brainwashed since birth with television, the news, movies and newspapers. This has been in effect since the printing press.

America has never been free. America is a corporation run by the elite, illuminati, bilderberg group, banks, England and the church! Yes the catholic church. They will all fall. Rise up people! Stand together! THEY want us apart from one another. THEY want us to hate each other so we cannot stand against them. GET READY!

#FAKEVIRUS #PLANNEDRIOTS #GEORGEFLOYDHOAX #FLOYDHOAX #obamagate #tomhankspedophile #adrenochrome


#roxytube #fallofcabal

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SpiritualbeingofTruth 3 months ago

Everything you thought you knew is changing for this is the Great Awakening

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SunriseOcean 6 months ago

And may our children be able to play safely again one day away from the evil that hunts them!

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SunriseOcean 6 months ago

Bring on the Ace! Its time! They tried to kill me, they killed others, I am ready!

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unknown 1 year ago

Thank for info you putting out there. I in general agree with what you're saying. I just feel like there is no Fall, i guess they are accurately putting everything into their plans which they were planning for millions of years but yeah if really a LOT of people are going to be deprogrammed only then something would change if they aren't going to kill us all before we gonna take any actions

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ReddDawn 1 year ago

oh yea, lets hope the house of cards collapses and brings them all down

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