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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
07 Aug 2021

⁣Fake Moon Landing | As Seen On TV | Movies & Television ▶️

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pepper100 10 months ago

Well,you've certainly hoaxed yourselves. Sure they did a video for TV, but the Nazis had bases on the moon by 1939 (and on Mars). and they worked with the Reptilians during WW2. And it was the reptilians who met the US astronauts when they landed, scared the life out of them and told them not to come back. Real nasty. Why don't you ask Jordan Sather or Kerry Cassidy who interviewed the Navy person who was privy to everything about it.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 10 months ago

lol. Well one of us sure is hoaxed. You should look into the moon landing. Make it a weekend. Of all the conspiracies we deal with here, that was one of the easiest to unravel. No hard feelings though. 3rd party heresay and stories isnt a solid ground to stand on there. And no one has been to mars lol, if you find any footage, we can show you exactly where on the earth it was filmed with a red filter.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 10 months ago

also, i appreciate the comment, and the lack of thumbs down =). its crazy how many people here immediately downvote things i KNOW they didn't even bother to watch

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