Fake Buffalo Mass Shooting ---- Crisis Actor duping delight

15 May 2022

gematria used in the fake buffalo mass shooting and crisis actor's duping delight to keep you distracted and bring the gun banned while nobody was hurt in this mini movie talk production. Also duper's delight throught the video.

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Justuslord 1 month ago

LETS all celebrate and have a good time? Interesting song choice

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Deskassembler1 2 months ago

What people do for money.

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KMB XXX 2 months ago

Jew News Media And Their Lies As The Jews Play Their Scripted Game

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RoxyTube 2 months ago

OH DAMN this is so difficult to watch! HAHAHA. Look in their eyes. They're all thinking the same thing...I hope I say the right thing. I hope I get the story staring. There is no fear, no emotion, just nervous about getting the story right. You must see it. It's like they're being caught off guard to talk about the new cheeseburger they just ate from the local diner.

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