Fact-checkers are ‘spreading misinformation’

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
20 Sep 2021

⁣A fact-checker has become a "spreader of misinformation" after
back-pedalling on a report Joe Biden did not check his watch during a
ceremony for dead soldiers, according to Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

US President Joe Biden was recently caught on camera checking his watch
during a ceremony for 13 soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan.

Daniel Funke, a fact check reporter for USA TODAY, told the world it was

But shortly after Mr Funke said the watch-checking claims were false,
families of the soldiers killed during the US withdrawal of troops from
Afghanistan spoke out about seeing President Biden check his watch.

In an interview, one family member said Joe Biden did not check his
watch "just once" but rather on "every single one that came out of that
airplane" during the ceremony.

Daniel Funke has since said "I regret the error" and conceded Joe Biden
checked his watch "multiple times during the ceremony".

According to Mr Houghton, any power which Mr Funke has to "police speech
and news stories" should be "revoked immediately".

"The fact you haven't yet been sacked, and you continue to publish fact
checks, discredits your entire fact-checking operation," Mr Houghton

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