Facebook censoring the Trump supporting Hodgetwins aka. Conservative Twins

13 Sep 2020

They are Donald Trump supporters, and appeared on Trump's Real News Update webcast. The twins mocked the decision of the NFL's plan to play a "black national anthem" and were critical of the judge's decision to seal the Jussie Smollett alleged assault case. They claimed Colin Kaepernick pressuring of Nike, Inc. to withdraw Air Max 1 shoes was a marketing stunt.

An image of the twins saying that "Black Lives Matter is a leftist lie" was shared by a Pennsylvania school principal on Facebook, triggering an investigation.

They've conflicted with Snoop Dogg on Instagram.

A venue in Tallahassee, Florida cancelled their show due to alleged transphobia, the twins claimed it was for political reasons.

Kevin Hodge & Keith Hodge has over 5 Million followers on Facebook - they have been on Facebook for 10 years.

Hodgetwins in TikTok:
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