Ex Gang Stalking Specialist Explains How the Program Works - Security Industry Specialists, Inc.

Mark Alan King
Mark Alan King
28 Apr 2022


To be honest, I'm not sure about Bryan Kofron and the things he has said. This testimony was around 2017. He talked about V2K and said he used it but never explained anything else about it. I wanted to know more like what does it look like. Is it done by a simple device and can the device be made at home or whether the device is provided by NSA or someone else. He never talked about that.

The other issue which I have a problem with is the fact that he said "TIs are being kidnapped from all over the USA. They are put on a Greyhound Bus and sent to Seattle where mind control and V2K is being used on them".

I cannot believe that at all. However, listen to this and make use your judgement for yourself. I'm on the fence. I really don't know what to believe about this guy.

Another reason for speculation is that this guy appeared over night and then clammed up -- never to be heard from again.

He also stated that he worked for Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Seems very fishy too me.

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